Friday, 27 January 2006

Home and Away update

First I thought I would start my update with a Home and Away update

The cyclone tore through the town and many of the residents of Summary Bay were in its path.

Kim was last seen going into a room to take some drugs. Then the next we saw of him was him being dumped outside the hospital in the storm unconscious. Will he survive? Well luckily the new doctor, Rachel Armstrong, came to the rescue. It was touch and go there for a while but she managed to find out what he took, then suddenly he went into cardiac arrest but the power went out. Oh no. But luckily he made it and is trying to change his ways. In fact he is going to counseling with, Dr Rachel Armstrong. Who has taken quite a liking to Kim.

Leah and Dan
Well Leah kicked Dan out. During the cyclone, Dudley, the guy that Dan owed money to for gambling and who he put in jail, escaped and was holding Leah hostage. After about two hours of hostage, Leah is saved by Dan’s brother Peter Baker. Who is coming back to the show as a regular. Leah has also found out she is pregnant but with her marriage practically over, what will she do. Peter still harbors his feelings for Leah and they share a kiss!

Tasha and Robbie
Well Tasha is still at the “farm” with the believers. Robbie goes out to check on her during the storm, she is ok, but won’t go with him. Robbie is distraught and was standing by the river and someone pushes him. Will he survive? Well actually he did and he is fine and insists that someone pushed him but Tasha is being brainwashed by the believers and won’t see sense.

Tasha has told Robbie it’s over and gives back the ring. Poor Robbie. She then kisses, Jonah, one of the believers. He and Mumma Rose have some kind of plan in store for Tasha. What is it though?

Robbie gets a visit from a girl called Rebecca, I think. She used to be a believer ages ago and went to court but decided to drop the case. She heard about Tasha and decided to come and talk to Robbie but then she mysteriously changes her mind, or does she; did one of the believers kill her?

Sally and Flynn
After collapsing at Hayley and Scotts leaving party, Flynn decided it was time. He and Sally are arguing over whether he should take the morphine and Cassie walks in and is most upset and storms out in the cyclone. As the cyclone worsens Cassie is still out there. Rick finds Cassie in a Caravan. I didn’t really see this episode, but Sally gets an electric shock from one of the caravans. But then power lines fall on Cassie and Ricks caravan. But Flynn comes to the rescue with his rubber gloves, rain coast and gumboots and saves them all, after a few shocks himself (personally I am hoping the shocks will have cured his cancer, but doubt it). Flynn decides not to take the morphine.

Morag, Amanda and Josh
Amanda ended up marrying Graham.

Amanda needs money to fund project 56 and asked conned Graham for some money to put together a drama school. He agreed.

Morag is very close to solving out what project 56 is. She downloads something from Josh’s computer but Josh and Amanda find out and attack Morag. She ends up in hospital but can’t prove they attack her. Everyone thinks she has gone nuts with her story about “project 56”. Amanda and Josh ending up getting it on.

I think that is about all the juicy goss that has gone on over the last couple of weeks.

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