Thursday, 5 January 2006

New Years

For New Years we all decided to go on a plan b tour. Debra and myself had done one before and it was quite good and Richard said that he and Zac did one last year. So at 4.30 on New Years eve all dressed up we got onto the bus and headed for Surfers Paradise. The tour started at 5pm and the first stop was the Hard Rock Cafe.
We ended up going to only four bars, due to high cover charges here (on a normal weekend some cover charges are $10.00 but apparently on New Years they are like $30.00!). After Hard Rock we went to the Bedroom bar (which apparently actually has beds in it, Debra informed me). There we discovered that we were surrounded in Kiwi's as the majority of the group was from New Zealand.
We then headed for Shooters were we got free pizza and Toni and Lisa meet some "foreign boys" who knew how to dance! We then proceeded to the Shack for a quick drink and dance before heading to the beach for the countdown. I call tell you I have never seen so many people on one beach before. There were people for miles in every which direction you looked. At 12 they had the fireworks (they were quite lame compared to the ones in Gisborne) and then proceeded to the bus stop to wait for a bus.
Me, Debra and Dave ended up missing the bus as it was too packed but Toni and Lisa didn't. They also didn't have keys and we weren't shore if they actually knew the way home. The bus line was growing bigger so we decided to walk home. Whose dumb bloody idea was that! About an hour and a half later (after stopping to get a pie and seeing the temperature was 23 degrees) we finally got home to three people sitting on the grass and very sore feet. New Year's was pretty average, don't think I would do a tour again. Gisborne is definetly the place and the place I have had the most fun.

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