Thursday, 5 January 2006

Lisa and Toni

On the morning of 30 January, Debra got up at some ungodly hour and went to pick up Toni and Lisa from the Gold Coast Airport.

We decided to go to Dreamworld that day because Debra could get 4 friends into Dreamworld for half price because we are action card holders and her birthday is in December. Once we had entered Dreamworld I instantly decided it was a bad idea. The park was packed, its was hot, there we heaps of kids and we had to wait about an hour plus for most of the rides. I don't think I have waited more than 15 minutes (excluding screamworld) for a ride. After we got onto the giant drop. I decided to go on a nice relaxing boat ride whilst Debra, Toni and Lisa went on the rapid ride.

We also saw a celebrity, well not really a big one, New Zealander's might not know yet. But we swear we saw Anne from the latest series of Australian Idol. I wanted to take a picture to prove it, but didn't think that really was appropriate. She is a kiwi living here, we really wanted her to win.

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