Thursday, 5 January 2006

Richard and Dave

The first of our guests arrived on the night of 27 December at the train station, only an hour late. As they thought they needed to change trains, from the pretty much express train from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, therefore had to wait for the next train to come. But they eventually made it.

The next day we all decided to head for the beach. We went down to Surfers Paradise and hung out there. Debra was in charge of sunblocking everyones back and you were in charge of sunblocking the rest of yourself. Me and Debra didn't get burnt. But check out typical "man" sunblocking. Just a smooch on the front and she'll be right!

During the time they were here was also headed down to Surfer's to watch a beach cinema movie /documentary about surfing, one of the most borist movies I have ever seen. After the movie we came home, Debra went to work but Richard, Dave and myself cranked up the singstar and contiued to play into the wee hours (4am).

The next night we decided to head down the road to the broad water and have a bbq. We packed up our stuff and our 20 cent coins. We got the bbq area to find that the bbq's were free. How fantastic is that. That would never happen in New Zealand. So we cranked it up and had a lovely meal over looking the broadwater on a clear night. Something we will have to do with the next guests that arrive.

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