Sunday, 20 July 2008

Blues Festival in Eailing

Today we decided to head out to Eailing to go to the Blues in the park. For 1 pound it was a bargain and, of course with a lot of events in London, you were allowed to bring your own picnic and alcohol. So this afternoon and early evening we sat on the picnic blanket and ate our picnic and drank our drinks and listed to the cool Blues tunes in the background.

When Tim spilt his beer all over his wife's skirt we decided it was time to head home. With Tim pack horsed up (Louisa wasn't too happy with him) we headed to the tube station, with a few detours for photo ops, before catching the tube to Tim and Louisa's teeny apartment to then have a beer at their local.

Tim carrying all the bags - Me running an errand - Tim and Louisa on the tub

At 11.30ish we all decided it was time to head home (the tubes only run until about 12) and this is when my realisation struck, shit, I had brought the wrong set of keys out with me and had no way to get into my new house and comfy bed. I made the decision to chance it and hope that my flatmate would be home and wouldn't mind being woken up by his temporary roomie. After ringing the buzzer for about 10 minutes I had to accept the realisation that he wasn't home. So I had no other choice but go back to Hayley's and her lovely read sofa. I managed to hoop on the first bus to her house around 12.15am with no problems it was the bus after that (I missed the last bus of the night) that I started to panic. Fortunately after walking a few blocks in the middle of the night in London I came upon a bus stop that would take me to Hayley's house, phew. I am just so lucky that I have friends in London because I don't know what I would have done otherwise! Lucky also that the next day my flatmate was home and I was able to spend all of Sunday in my new comfy, temporary, bed.

Toni and Hayley walking in posh Kensington
Aside from my dramas of Saturday night the majority of Saturday at the blues festival was good.
Of course, more pictures in the album.

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