Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I've been to London to visit the Queen ... tick!

Hey all
Well another thing ticked off my list - see the Queen.

My Queenie story starts with one of my work mates saying that there were some fancy looking people at St Pauls and so we went onto St Paul's site to see if we could find out. We saw that Order of St Michael and St George ceremonial service this was on at 11.30 and she said "I bet the Queen is going to be there, you should go down at lunchtime" and I thought well ok, why not. Being a tourist I always have my camera with me it might be worth a look.

So at 12pm I trundled up to St Pauls and waited patiently with the rest of the crowd at 12.15 I was in the scorching sun (yes London does get nice weather) and thought, ok if nothing happens in another 15 minutes I am outa here and then 10 minutes later, she starts acending the steps and as cameras go up in the air, I get some pretty good snapshots. It was amazing to see her in real life. I was quite far away, but buying the pink camera was so worth it as I got some pretty good shots.
I also found this article, which has some more shots, so it definently was her - Article.
As always there are more pictures in my photogallery and please leave a message in the guestbook.

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