Monday, 14 July 2008

Homeless ...

After over two months living in my no hot water, mattress on the floor, window less box, miles away from no where, druggie flatmates, god awful flat (I could go on forever) ... I had finally had enough and decided to move on out. So I gave the flatties my notice, found a replacement and me and my pack horse (Hayley - thanks chick!) gathered up all my bags (I so don't have 20kgs anymore) and moved into Hayley's temporarily. What a relief and was thrilled to get all my bond and the week in advance I had paid from the new girl. So for the last week I have been dossing on Hayley's lovely red couch and tonight (yah) I move into my temporary accommodation for two weeks and for the first time since moving to London (I have been here almost three months) I will get to sleep in a "real" bed!! I am very excited and can't wait. Once my two weeks are up at this temp residence I will go back to Hayley's for a week and then venture on my adventures for the next two months and then find a new nice house in the North when I get back.


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