Sunday, 13 July 2008

Do we live in London ...?

On Saturday night Louisa and Tim had organised (as it ridiculously expensive to go out to a "Kiwi" restaurant) for us to have our own "New Zealand" dinner at Hayley's place. Everyone was in charge of bringing something from home.
  • Hayley and Niki supplied the Rashuns, Grain Waves, kiwi dip and NZ wine.

  • Pam and Kev were in charge of the Pavlova (and its was delicious) and Feijoa vodka.

  • Tim and Louisa were in charge of the main meal - roast lamb (yum), asparagus, mixed vegie thing and other thing (sorry guys can't remember what it they were called :))

  • And I, with the sweetest tooth of all (even Hayley is shocked with my chocolate consumption) brought the pineapple lumps, mallowpuffs and macaroons.

We started with the chips and dips and a magnum of champayne (which was consumed some what quickly for such a humungous bottle) followed by the main course and delicious dessert. Unfortunately, there wasn't room for my goodies on Saturday night but fortunately I was staying at Hayleys and they were scrumptious for breakfast the next morning.

I love food from home, although, don't love paying exorbinant prices for it a the NZ/Aussie shop.


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