Saturday, 18 October 2008

Dancing in Clapham

On Saturday night Hayley and I decided to get gussied up and go dancing. We were originally going to go into the city to a 90's club but lack of recruits meant that instead we headed into Clapham which was more closer to home.

We decided to head to a vodka bar that Hayley had been to before and thought was really good. On our way from the tube, we accidentally went the wrong way which meant that we ended up there after 11pm and had to pay the £5.00 entry, doh! Once in we headed upstairs to the loo and coat check and then decided that shots were in order. We got six different shots of some different types of vodka and then headed downstairs to dance. Unfortunately, the music was shite so I thought maybe a pitcher might pick us up, I downed half of that in about 20 minutes and tried to dance but, honestly, the music was crap some house shite that had annoying repetitive beats so we decided to get outta there and find some quality beats.

My two "short" friends --->

As we were walking down the street the "Cazabar" were playing rocking tunes and we decided to go in. We were warned at the door that is was a gay bar but as we could see no necking going on decided to head in. We pretty much stayed in the corner and danced until it closed.

As we were all enthusiastic (shots and a pitchers will have that effect) we kept on looking for somewhere else to go. We headed into another bar and had an awesome time dancing to heaps of totally danceable songs, meeting foreign boys and staying out past our bedtime (we are still young!!).

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