Saturday, 4 October 2008


About four months ago I purchased tickets for the gang to go and see a Shakespeare Play at the Shakespeare Globe and the time had finally come around. So all bundled up in our winter woollies and a supply of tissues (I felt like death (sick again, remember, could feel it coming on from Amsterdam!) but I wasn't waiting another four months) and tubed it to the Globe.

After meeting up with the crew we took our £15 seats (they were a bit obstructed) but at least we weren't standing like some other unfortunates in the rain (their tickets were only £5 - yes Zac I was one of the "suckers sitting behind"). The play was Midsummer's Nights Dream. I studied this in third form .. and can tell you I remembered nothing about it (only what I learnt from that movie that has Kirsten Dunst is in and they turn it into a musical) anywho, after the first half Louisa went and brought the programme which was super handy as it explained the plot and we could understood the second half which made it totally more enjoyable and rather funny. I had a pretty good time and would recommend it - my tip would be to make sure you know what the story is about first!

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