Friday, 31 October 2008


We had all been invited over to Nicola's toot toot crew's Halloween party, and there were suggestions that singstar might make an appearance so I was totally there.

I headed over to Hayley's after work on Friday and we all dressed up in our wacky costumes (some more wacky that others!) and after a few (deadly) drinks headed off down the road.

We bowled on up into the decorated house and started partying with all the other dresser upperra's. At about 10.30 we had run out of booze (a whole bottle of peach snapps and half a bottle of vodka already down the hatch) and missioned it to Tesco, with a few photo ops on the way (and we may have accidentally set off someones motorcycle alarm). Once at Tesco's we realised we didn't bring ID, crap 26 (well some of us) and still need to think about ID, luckily with my smooth talking skills (that is what I like to think persuaded the guy) we managed to purchase our bottle of vodka and head back to the party and continue our night.

After a couple of hours people started dropping off, first Tim and Louisa and then Hayley and Niki (Hayley was already chucking her guts up) but since I can totally handle my alcohol(!) I kept on partying. Now here is where it gets a bit fuzzy, at about, lets say, 2amish I thought it was time I left the party so I bolted out the door onto the high street and couple of minutes later I am outside Hayley's door taking in the fresh air and wishing I hadn't let Hayley pour my drinks all night (she is lethal!). Once feeling, lets say, not like I wanted to throw up anymore, I open the back door and blank, I don't remember what happens after then (and I always remember, ask anyone!!). It isn't until 6am I hear "Toni, Toni, wake up, you are in the bath, they are gone, come and sleep on the couch". What the??? How did I get in the bath? Why was I in the bath? I have no memory of anything after opening the back door! Hmmmm ... so I climbed out of the bath, took my contacts out and resumed my sleeping on the couch. Luckily, I didn't wake up with a hangover unlike some other people who could hardly move on Saturday.

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