Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Josh Harnett is hot!! Tonight was the much anticipated viewing of the stage show "Rainman" with Josh Harnett a real life Hollywood actor and ever so cute (especially in Pearl Harbour – insert picture) so the chicks (and Tim) headed to Apollo Theatre in Leicester Square. We were at the back, very high up but still head a reasonable view, gutted I didn't bring binoculars though!

When Hayley first mentioned it, I had never seen "Rainman" before so I watched it on DVD a couple of weeks ago so that I knew what it would be about. The play was really good, Josh was hot (he even got his shirt off) and the person who played Raymond was fantastic.. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good photo when he came out for his bows but now I can say I have see Josh Harnett in real life!

Famous people I have seen in London

  • The Queen

  • Josh Harnett

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