Sunday, 25 May 2008

London Sevens

On Sunday Hayley had scored us (Hayley, Nicky, Sheree, Marty and myself) cheap tickets (woo hoo and they were actually really good seats) to go to the sevens at Twickenham Stadium. It was raining in the morning but fortunately it stopped just in time for us to set ourselves up in our seats and start watching (or drinking and talking!!) the games. See this link for more info on the day - London Sevens. A lot of people dressed up and it was fun to see them all. Unfortunately we didn't really have time to dress up and it was cold and wet in the morning to really feel like making an effort but once the sun started shining and the drinks started flowing we had a fantastic day getting into the atmosphere and cheering for the kiwis.

Eating chips and homemade kiwi dip

Below - Hayley, Toni and Sheree

Chris and Craig (Aussies we met), Hayley, Toni and Sheree.

More pictures in the photo gallery and more reading about the event on Hayley's page!! (our pages are going to mirror themselves :) ).


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