Sunday, 11 May 2008


On Sunday Pam had organised for us all to have lunch in Putney. As I live a million miles away (refer to tube map - Bow Road to Putney) it took me one bus and a tube to get there and 1.5 hours (am looking at getting something closer!!).
Had a good lunch though and was great to catch up with everyone. After lunch a few of us headed to a park nearby via a dairy (to pick up some booze, yes you can by booze from dairies here) to sit in the sun and hang out. On hot days in London a park is the place to go for sunbathing. Everyone is there lying on the grass having bbq's in their bikinis. Its just like a beach without the sand and obviously the sea, although the Thames was right behind us.
I have also just put a deposit down for a big tour in September. Can't wait. Here is a link about it - Summer Fun and Sailing. Now I don't want to here any negative comments or alternatives or "you should have done this" as I have paid for it already!!!
And looking at doing Italy in August - so just need to save heaps of money or else apply for a credit card and pay it off in the winter!! :)
See also my photo gallery for more pictures of my adventures so far.

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Hayley said...

Well done on the all the blog updates... U have been busy, good on u for getting out there and doing all the touristy stuff, must say I skipped all the history bits though! Love how my dress doesn't look so short in the photo with our legs cut off =) Was about to post a similar post...funny, our blogs are going to become mirrors of each other if we keep hanging out! not that that's a reason not to haha