Saturday, 3 May 2008

Update from London

Hello Everyone

I finally have time to write a blog on my goings on in London so far. I have been so busy looking for a flat and have finally found one. Living with three aussie chicks. Move in on Sunday can't wait to unpack everything.

So far in London I have:

- Tubed almost everywhere looking for a flat (I bet I have lost a few kilos as well!)

- Started work. I worked three days this week, was supposed to work next but they don't need me to, so hopefully will find something else or will go back the week after

- Meet up with Hayley for a catch up

- Randomly ran into Pam on Oxford Street, there are hundreds of people pushing past the street and I noticed her because of how warm her coat was (all the shops have summer clothes can't find a coat anywhere)

- Spent too many pounds!

- Did a bus tour of London, here are some pictures

These pictures are being spaz but they are
- Big Ben
- Trafalgar Square
- Big Ben and House of Parliament
- Tower of London
- London Eye
- National Gallery
- Me in Trafalgar Square in front of National Gallery

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