Friday, 9 May 2008

"Things I have learnt/oberserved about London"

These are a few things that I have learnt in my 2.5 weeks in London
- You live according to your tube zone. You don't ask people what area they live in you ask them what tube station they are closest too.
- Even when sardenised in a tube, even if three people hop off, 20 more people will always be able to squeeze in (especially in the mornings and after work)
- They are pounds and pence and not dollars and cents!!!
- They still have one and two pence coins here which serve no other purpose but to make your wallet heavy!!
- The " and @ are in different places on the keyboard which is extremely annoying!!
- London is not just full of Londoners
- London is very old and they have lots of old things here, way too many for me to remember
- When using an escalator you must always stand on the right (very important, so as not to get abused, there are even signs!)
- Orange lights are shown both before a red light and before a green light. So don't think just because its orange you are ok to cross because you are not.
That is all for now, will hopefully do some more sightseeing this weekend so more pictures to come.
Chow for now :)

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darryl said...

lol i love it put in the nice way to say london is crazy backwards strange place at the best of times :)