Monday, 19 May 2008

The Tube

Today I started my new job for two weeks in Oxford Street. I had logged onto TFL to suss out my route to work. Walk, bus, tube, walk – good. It was similar to my last way to work just a few more tube stops and I started at 9am rather than 9.30am. So I thought I could manage it in one hour. So the jumped on the bus and headed to the tube station and went inside to catch my tube. As I have mentioned before generally the tubes are jam packed in the morning and as 2 people go out 10 squidge themselves in. But at 8.30am, 1 person goes out and 20 people try and squeeze in, as tube after tube goes past (I think five in total) I decided that was enough, I had to bite the bullet and be one of “those” people who jam packed myself into one of them. Lucky I had lost a bit of weight lately, cause even breathing in was a

tight squeeze to get the doors closed! Phew I managed it and we are on our way and I can breathe out again. What I didn’t think about in advance is the doors opening. Ohhhhhhhh, a smack on the funny bone is a good reminder to also breathe in again when the doors are being opened at the next stop!! So in the afternoon I decided to take the bus, a bit longer but at least I get a seat, although I was at the back of the bus with some “youths” who were yelling out to some other “youths” that they were going to shank them!!

Gotta love London.


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