Sunday, 18 May 2008

Wellington Arch

On Sunday after staying at Pam's after Hayley's (as I live ages away), I headed to Wellington Arch to have a look around before meeting Hayley, Gina and Niki for a picnic in Hyde Park.

Wellington Arch, also known as Constitution Arch or (originally) the Green Park Arch, is a triumphal arch located to the south of Hyde Park in central London. The arch, and Marble Arch close by, were both planned in 1825 by George IV to commemorate Britain's victories in the Napoleonic Wars. The Wellington Arch was also conceived as an outer gateway to Constitution Hill and therefore a grand entrance into central London from the west.

Also near the arch they have memorials for New Zealand and other various countries.

Sorry of these blogs aren't interesting but they are a good diary for me of all my travels and sightseeings.

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