Saturday, 10 May 2008


Hi Everyone

Here is an update from London just to let you know how I have been going and what I have been up to. As previously blogged I have so far done a bus tour about the city in the freezing cold. I am glad to say that the weather has been really nice this week and hopefully the big warm coat I brought last week won't need to be used in the next while. The weather is planning to get up to 26 degrees this week, yah, can crank out some of the summer clothes I brought over.

I have moved into my house and its alright except for a few minor things (I only have a mattress that is extremely shit, I have no windows in my room, there is no hot water in the kitchen and who needs pressure in the shower right) other than those extremely annoying gripes, its working well for me at the moment, well at least until I can decide exactly what my plans are over the summer. I could do with suggestions do I just do mini-breaks every second week or so or do I do the full 1 month bus tour? Not sure I could handle it though?? Recommendations please.

Work - well fortunately this has not really been an issue. I have had six days work so far and have work for the next two weeks which is really good and I got paid today from last week. Hello pounds!!!

Holidays and sightseeing - This weekend I plan to take in some local scenes. I am looking at heading to see the changing of the guard, Westminster Abbey and Tower of London if I can squeeze it in. I am also looking at planning a holiday to Spain for the running of the bulls and thinking about doing this tour or one similar. Am also catching up with everyone for lunch on Sunday which will be good, might even be able to squeeze in Hyde Park whilst I am over that way.

Just for the sake of a picture, here is me in front of Budda statue thing in a park Alesha, Ben and myself went for a walk through.

Well, until something interesting happens, catch ya.


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