Tuesday, 8 November 2005


I have had a pretty bad day today.
I think it may have even started last night when I saw a big spider run across the kitchen. We have sprayed the house twice and its was still alive. I fixed it though half a can of flyspray later and it was dying in the jar.
I woke up this morning right on the alarm which I don't normally do as I usually wake up before and then ended up running late and then had to rush to get the bus.
When I got I had sore eyes and couldn't focus on the computer properly, so I had a look at them and they were really blood shot. I didn't even have a late night last night I went to bed at 9.30!!!
Also, that mean lady at work had a go at me. She was sick on Monday, so me being the nice person I am did a bit of her stuff (which she would have given me anyway!!) but instead of thanking me she goes "Why didn't you give this to so-and-so, use a bit of fore-thought?" (well I will have you know that I am VERY good at fore-thought, I am the most organised person I know and you can't be organised if you don't have fore thought!). So I said I always give them to you and she blabbed on about something. If they want me to give the people the stuff, just tell me, don't make me feel bad. Imagine if I had given it to that person and it wasn't supposed to. Grrrrrrr ... she went off at me again this afternoon, saying I should do something before it gets to full. How am I supposed to know the process!!! Anyway, I am still in the looking for a new job. The sooner the better. I am not expecting a new job not to be the same sort of thing, but at least hopefully I will feel included, not just the temp in the corner spending most of her day filing dam invoices and dockets!!
Anyway, enough bitching. Me and Debra are going to go Iceskating tonight (if Debra doesn't get us lost! - kind of reminds me of someone else who thought they knew the day but didn't :)). We are going to an adult learning class. Not sure what it will be like, but hopefully they will at least teach us how to stop!!
For all those HOME AND AWAY fans, heres the latest goss!!
Martha is terrified after the Cory incident that she gets a gun and accidently shots Rick. Rick is ok but tells her to get rid of it. Jack finds out that Martha has the gun and also tells her to get rid of it but it ends up getting stolen (does it sound a bit like the Tasha, Sarah, Jessie scenario). Anyway we don't know who has stolen it yet.
Tasha has been in the city seeing Duncan as he has been in an accident and she comes back but is spotted on the beach with some guy. Robbie finds out and confrots her but she lies and says he is in love with her and she was just telling him to back off, but upon reading the TV week we are about to find out that actually Tasha has got herself ropped into a cult.
Kim, Scott and Hayleigh
Hayleigh has had the baby and everything is fine. Kim is finding that he is getting left out a bit and is a bit annoyed at Scott. Then Scott gets a call from someone in France and is offered a job. Hayleigh decides to go with him but Kim isn't happy about her taking the baby. Duhh... Hayleigh. Anyway Kim files at petition. They go to mediation but then Kim runs out of the room followed by Hayleigh and then Kim gets him by a car and is in hospital. Any this week KIM in fact does find out the truth about the baby!!! Stay tuned it happens this week some time.
Amanda is trying to get it on with Beth's rich dad.
Dan has bet on some horses (he is an old gambler from way back) and is in a lot of debt.
And that is all I can remember.
For Kim and any other McLeods Daughters fans.
Jodie might be a McLeod. At her birthday Jack has left her lots of money. We don't know yet thought.
Tess if pregnant and her husband, whats his face, dies (maybe) in a plane accident.
Anyway the place is closing.
Bye bye

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