Tuesday, 15 November 2005

My New Job

Where do I start! Sorry, I haven’t written anything in a while but have been rather busy.

Last week I got a call from some recruitment agency saying do I still want a job. I said yes please, I was so over filing and stuff at the construction company. It was a small family law firm in Southport. That sounded perfect for me as family law was something I was interested in and Southport is just around the corner. Turns out the law firm is literally around the corner, 5mins walk!

So I went for my interview on Wednesday night and it went fantastic (she was a kiwi as well) and the next day I found out I had the job. How fantastic, the only thing was that I needed to tell my temping agency that I was quitting. I can tell you that went down like a house on fire. As a temp I don’t need to give notice, but felt kinda bad only giving one day. The temping agency took it well, it was the construction company lady who didn’t and practically didn’t talk to me all day.

Anyway, I had my first day yesterday and I think I will like it here. I have not idea what is going on as I have hardly any family law experience let alone Australian, Queensland Family Law experience. There are about 8 females and no boys. There are four dogs and one cat roaming around the rooms and sitting under your desk. I am not much of a dog person but they are ok. Hope everything goes well, I am sure it will.

Will keep you posted.


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