Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Detox is over

It was so hot last night. The temperature outside was 24 degress at 6.15 at night. It was so hard to sleep, someone told Debra that in the summer here it is not uncommon to wake up with heatstroke. Looking forward to that!!!
We are going to have a big fat juicy steak tonight. Yum, I am so looking forward to it. We drank our last bitters last night, we are not sorry that they are over and all the other arse tasting food we have been eating for the last ten days. I still ended up having a soy milk shake for breakfast as we had no other milk but ate three lollies today.
Me and Debra went on our first ice skating lesson last night. It was actually quite good. The rink isn't as flash as Auckland but the guy who taught us was quite cool and he can do flash things. We are going to be the next Nancy Carrigan and Tonya Harding, look out winter Olympics. We were learning some flash turn thing (well it wasn't that flash) and I fell over, everyone saw and I landed on my face with my glasses mangaled out of shape and a nice bit scratch over my eye. In my defence, it was very slippery where we were and I don't think I was the only one to fall over.
I got a call today from another agency, I forget which ones are which, anyway I have a meeting with her about a job tonight so fingers crossed.

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