Monday, 21 November 2005

My weekend

I decided that when I came to Australia that a new hair style was in order. So as I was flicking though one of the papers I came across some vouchers and took it as a sign that it was time to go to the hair dressers. So on Saturday morning at 9.30 (as some of you will know, I had a few drinks with the girls from work and was quite “excited” when I got home on Friday night, but managed to get myself out of bed and dressed). Anyway, I walked down the road to the hair dresses after 15 minutes of waiting the owner said would you like a manicure for free, so I said sure so I ended up getting a free manicure, as well as discounted hair which was cool. Three and a half hours later I walked out of the hair dressers with my new hair. Its not actually all that different, just dark brown with six blondish foils and they straightened it for me. The picture doesn’t really show the colour of the foils, may have to get another one.

We didn’t really do anything else exciting on the weekend. Watched Bewitched, The Notebook (that is sad) and I brought Singstar Party so we had a sing of that.
Oh, I also forgot to mention that it Schoolies week in Surfers. As you can see in my pictures there is a bank up of cars. Most of those cars are from 16, 17 and 18 year old people who have just finished seventh form and have come down to Surfers for a weeks worth of boozing. I call tell you that there is no way were are going near Surfers for the next three weeks. I am so glad I don't work in there anymore.

I will do a little Home and Away update, check out the new Home and Away website though as its pretty much got on it what is happening.

This week is the last week for Home and Away

Hayley and Scott are leaving Summer Bay for good and moving to France. Did you know that Scott is 30 in real life. He is going to England to further his career.

Amanda and Beth’s father (who is like 70) get married, she is after his money.

Martha and Jack get back together.

Leah is still mad at Dan for lying to her about the gambling. Dan’s kid gets taken away by the guy he owes money to. Leah has just found out she’s pregnant, but can her marriage survive?

Tasha is caught up in a Cult thing, what will happen?


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