Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Our adventure in the big city

Me and Debra embarking on our journey

One of Debra’s workmates was leaving Debra’s work so we decided to spend a night in the “Big City” aka Brisbane. So on Saturday morning we packed out bags and headed for the bus stop which would then take us to the train station.
Unfortunately, the bus we wanted to catch was also the bus that takes everyone to the theme parks on Saturday morning so after waiting 20 minutes in the heat for the bus we were most annoyed when it was jam packed and drove straight past. Luckily another one was a minute behind it. We made it to the train station and were fortunate to get a train straight away (although Debra almost made us catch the wrong one, and she tells me catches the Brisbane one most days!).

So we headed towards Brisbane, I was quite excited as I had not been on a train before but the excitement soon wore off after ½ an hour. Luckily, the train only takes 1 hour. So we got into the station and navigated our way to the Backpackers three blocks down (we only asked for directions twice). We filled out the forms and went up to our room which only had a double bed and a chair that’s it.
However, it did have a nice view from the window. We chucked our stuff on the floor and headed for the shops. Brisbane is a bit different from the Gold Coast people are not as friendly and after seeing the biggest group of Goths in the middle of the mall decided Brisbane definitely wasn’t for us and quickly walked past them.

That night we went out for dinner at a pizza place. The food was quite good and after a few RTD’s (which we were allowed to bring in ourselves) telephoned Kim for a chat. Being about 12 in New Zealand she wasn’t to grumpy and ended up singing to her all the 80’s singstar songs we could remember.

After dinner we then dodged the beggers and jumped onto the train back to our backpackers and got ready for a night out on the town. We headed to the Casino thinking that we would make back the money that we spent on shopping (so that Debra could wear buy dress with a belt that come up under your boobs, she vowed if she saw 5 people wearing them and won money at the casino she would get one) but unfortunately they didn’t have craps and we lost money on the pokies. Why do I play them I always lose money?
This Casino is in the background
On Sunday morning we packed up our gear which was splashed around the room and headed for the markets and then across on the fairy to the man made beach. It was really cool especially for a public place that was free. After our swim we were exhausted and decided to head home and play a bit of 80’s singstar.
The man made beach in Brisbane
Debra asleep on the train with her new sunnies
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