Tuesday, 6 September 2005

4 Days in Australia

Hi Everyone

Sorry, haven't really had time to do my webpage.

Well, where do I start.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come and see my off at the airport. It was a bit of a rush in the end because Debra turned you half an hour late so we quickly checked in, said our sad goodbyes, quickly went through customs where we both go stopped as we both forgot about our scissors in our first aid kits, quickly grabbed 2 bottles of alcohol each and jumped onto the plane, exhausted, tired and very red eyed.

Once we were seated on our plane things just started getting worse we taxied out and then had to wait for one and a half hours because of the damm fog and the generator for the run way lights failed, if that wasn't bad enough because we caught freedom they don't serve food you had to buy it with Cash!! I gave the last of my NZ cash to my mum because I didn't need it. Finally at 8 (we got up at 3.30) we had lift of. After we landed in Brisbane we caught the bus to our hotel (I can tell you that most bus drivers in the gold coast don't seem to like there jobs). When we got to our hotel (me sick with a cold and Debra breaking out in hives) we found out that our travel agent wasn't really listening when we said we wanted two separate beds, so our holiday was going from bad to worse. We managed to sort out a reasonable arrangement with Debra sleeping on the fold out bed (not ideal for a resort, but what could we do).

Things started getting better on Sunday. We ventured to sea world and had a great time watching the dolphin, seal and ski shows. We saw big sharks and I even got a photo with the polar bear (unfortunately he pooed at the same time!). Unforntunatley things went bad again when we went to space odyssey (or something like that for dinner). I decided to be brave and just order the chicken salad as is (to everyone who knows me that is very rare I like to change things!) but thought I was pretty safe with the salad. Well.. It looked good, until I tasted the chicken OH MY GOD I thought I was going to barf. Debra said "It tasted liked the chicken had been smoked in and old boot!". So I said to the waitress that is was awful and she said it was something that you either liked or you didn't!!!! What kind of place serves something that half the people don't like. Anyway she brought you some curly fries that were good.

On Sunday night we ventured in the gold coast and went on the vomatron and sling shot. The vomatron was so scary but fantastic. The slingshot was ok but not as good as in Auckland.

We went to movie world yesterday and that was pretty cool, a little overrated I thought as there weren't many rides. We got a cool photo on the Wild west ride and ended up waiting about 15 mins for the lethal weapon to have our ears pounded on the side of the ride and we being totally blocked out by the photo. The new superman ride opening in December looks fantastic though.

Today we have strolled into heaven, pacific fair and have already gone out of the box with our purchasers.

Well the weather is pretty average just waiting for some more sun before we go to wet 'n' wild.

Have got a new sim for my phone but doesn't seem to be working at the mo. Will give you a text when it is. Will use the Aus number during the week and NZ during the weekend, as they don't have free texting.

Well, better go internet is money and I probally have started to bore you now.

Please leave a message or send an email.

Miss you all (especially Katie).

Love Toni

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