Saturday, 10 September 2005

Casino, Magpies, Motion Sickness

Well, it has been a pretty eventful few days.

Where do I start. This picture is from the other night at the seafood place.

Me and Debra were walking from Wet 'n' Wild to Movieworld to catch an earlier bus, minding our own business we walked under some trees and them from no where I felt this sharp pain in my head. I was like ow what was that and Debra said run. I was like what? but still ran and she goes it was a magpie and I was like ahhhhh. So I ran as fast as I could with a bag on my head protecting myself. Another one looked like it was about to swoop so we bolted to safety. That was pretty terryfing!!!

The other night we went to the casino and got introduced to the craps? i think table. Three hours later going from being up to right down and them well up again. We decided it was a fantastic game I cam out about $30 richer!!! As we were walking from the bus stop to our apartment we heard birds and just started running for our lives!! I rolled my still sore ankle, lucky was wearing boots (unlike the other night where I had to run in my new heels!). It hurts a little, so had to wear my running shoes!! to Dreamworld yesterday.

Dreamworld is fantastic, the best out of all of them. We didnt manage to get fully around but have brought year passes so that we can go when everyone visits. The giant drop is terriying!!!!
We got photos with Koala's. Debra wanted to go on the Vortex (which is like the gravitron) so we did and then the stingray. Well, the bus ride home was hell we were both looking green and feeling very sick. Had to stay home last night and I have toast for dinner.

Have finally downloaded some photos onto disc which i will put on, hopefully they will work. Am trying to email my cv but it keeps crashing.

Hope everyone is well.

Love Toni

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