Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Hi Everyone

I really have nothing remotely exciting to write about. This last week has been extremely boring.

Last Saturday night we did something that we would not normally do on a Saturday in Hamilton and went to the beach to watch a movie on the big screen. Sort of like the movie we watched at wet 'n' wild but at the beach. This time we were prepared though and brought blankets and warm clothes. We are also going there tonight to watch The Pacifier with Vin Diesel.

A basically the last couple of days I have been watching tv and watching my phone in case I get a call about a job. Finding a job hasn't been easy I have been to almost every recruitment agency in the gold coast and emailed every firm as well hopping that someone will have an opening. I have an interview today with a recruitment agency and hopefully something will come out of that.

We had another electrical thunder storm last night. That is two since we have been here, although last nights one was not as scary as the first.

The most exciting thing that has been happening is Home and Away. For all those fans out there who want to know what juicy things are happening keep reading and for those who don't don't.

I am a little confused at the moment what is really happening as there are new characters and people have left but will just fill you in on all the exciting stuff.

Amanda is going out with Scott. Amanda has just found out that Scott is the father of Hayley's baby. Amanda is in trouble with an old cast member called Josh and owes him $2 million dollars. Josh has come back and is quite evil and has made the mayor resign and is trying to become Mayor himself. Alf is also going to run for mayor. Just also found out from the TV that Amanda is ...... pregnant!!!!

Cassie and Rick kissed last week and are probally getting back together.

Matilda goes out with this new character called Lucas.

Irene hit Amanda with her car and is now being stalked by someone who trashed her house.

Dan and Leah cant have kids because of her operation at the beginning of the year.

Flynn has cancer and has only three months to live.

Hayley and Kim are getting married at the end of the week. But Scott tells Hayley right before the wedding that he loves her and who knows what will happen and when we will find out the truth about the baby. Also we have the new Hayley.

Beth might start going out with Lucas' dad Tony.

and I think that is about all for now.

I hope I get a job and something exciting happens soon. Keep sending me emails and letting me know what is going on to keep me entertained.


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