Thursday, 8 September 2005

Holidays, Meat Pies and Bubbles

These are just a few of the words that have stumped us in the last couple of days. Debra has been using the aussie words and trying the accent. I am not ready to convert just yet.
Well to finish where I left off the other day.
We went to Pacific Fair and wow. Seven hours later we came out barely able to walk as our arms were laden with bags and our credit cards tired. We decided to do some out of the box shopping and brought some stuff which we usually wouldn't wear at home!! For dinner we went to this fantastic sea food place and had a platter of lobster, crabs, prawns and the famous bugs. It was fantastic i highly recommend it.
Yesterday we braved the weather and went to wet and wild. That was great also screamed our lungs out in this ride which is totally in the dark. Left about three because the weather hasnt been as warm as we would have liked.
We are having a rest of theme parks today as our lungs are tired from screaming so much and we still both kinda sick. Can hardly talk.
Sorry dont have any photos as yet. My phone has only just started to work again so will try and take some pics shortly to put on.
Love Toni

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