Saturday, 17 September 2005


I am starting this post again as my last one just crashed and exited me out. How annoying, I had almost finished.

Nothing really exciting has happended in the last couple of days. To be honest, we have spent most of our time shopping still. Not as bad as Pacific Fair (as we are kinda running out of money) but up there.

We moved into our house today, which is good in the fact that we moved out of the caravan (which we were getting quite fond of) but bad as we had already paid for two nights in a beach batch at the park that we probally won't get refunds for.

I will tell you about our house ..
Its looks like Nana's place you walk in and all the rooms has this fantastic brown paint (which we get painted white shorlty) imagine pictures on the walls of a forest path, a couple of coffe tables with those little table cloth things and coasters, a brown side board full of sherry glasses, a kitchen full of 1960's plates and cups. The house has two bedrooms one with a double bed and bedspread and the other with two single beds and green bedspreads. I have the one with the single beds, when we get paid we will hire a bigger bed. I will take some pictures and put them on. But it a house and we dont really need to get much for it. There is heaps of room for guests to come and stay.
This is the outside. With
all of our washing. We hadn't done it for over a week!

You may post all cards, letters, pictures, postcards, presents, etc to

Toni O'Neill

Southport 4215
Gold Coast

The weather is good today and we are going out to Movie World again to seek the Shrek 3d or maybe 4d show and then go over to Wet 'n' Wild (not walking under any trees as not to be attacked by magpies) to watch the big screen and watch Herbie Fully Loaded.

We came over here thinking that the weather would be good, hot and basically fantastic. Most days have been hot but we have had our share of wild weather and we have only been here two weeks. Last night we had a wind storm. The wind was so strong and the rain so hard that we couldn't hear the television. Here we were in our tin caravan going "What have we got ourselves into". We made it our alive though and survived. The wind is still here today, not so strong but quite cold.

Anyways better go as we have to get some things for our house and then out to the parks.

Sorry no pictures today.

Take care

Love Toni

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