Friday, 30 September 2005


I am not surprised that more people aren't getting killed by buses and cars here. Just the other day a bus came zooming onto the bus stop outside Australia Fair and hit someone who was standing to close to the curb. Luckily she wasn't badly injured but it literally knocked her off her feet and she went flying onto the concrete and rolled over. You could see it coming but there was nothing you could do. Me and Debra learnt from a near miss ourselves that you should never stand to close the the curb as we nearly got knocked out by a wing mirror of a bus zooming in to stop. They don't tell you to stand a metre away for the curb in the travel magazines or on the bus stops. Also, pedestrian crossings, what are the point in havin them, I am sure the law is the same here as it is in NZ in that cars must stop for pedestrians. But the amount of times you see a car about 6 metres or so away and think that it is ok to cross but then they coming bowling towards you and nearly run you off the road as they drive past. Maybe its a game and they try and hit as many people as possible during the day.

I had my first encounter with an Australian insect invading my space last night. At about 10.30 when I went to go to bed, in the stifling heat, I was turning off my fan and because the fan doesn't have a mark to tell you where the off is I was looking up at the roof to see if it was still moving and saw, the biggest SPIDER I had every seen, it was as big as the fan (that may be a little over exaggerated, but it was like 2cm big each way). I was about to scream, but thought that since Debra was sleeping that I wouldn't and act as a sensible, not afraid of anything adult. So I ran to the cupboard where, luckily the first week we went shopping stocked up on bug spray, and sprayed the intruder which then fell onto my bed and started running away so I sprayed it until it was white and couldn't move. I then ran into the kitchen again to get a jar in which to put my bug in. But it started running again so I sprayed it again until it stopped moving again and carefully, which hands shaking, put it into the jar. I quickly screwed on the lid and it was still moving and put it on the table for Debra to see in the morning, and just to make sure it wouldn't get out cellotaped the top on. I then went to bed in terror that it might have friends lurking in the corner. I couldn't get to sleep for ages though cause I started thinking abouts its friends, and then I started thinking that what if I hadn't of seen it and it fell on me in the middle of the night!!!!!!

Well have to go Dr Phil will be on shortly and then ready steady cook.

I hope I get a job soon.

Miss you all.

Looking forward to everyone visiting. So many exciting things to do.



Anonymous said...

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Ross said...

Eek. Spiders.

I was Tahiti many years ago and felt something crawling on me. Flicked it off in panic and squished it. Only discovered in the morning that it was a millipede! Oh and it was poisonous too!

Hope you find a job. No one deserves Ready Steady Cook.