Sunday, 11 September 2005

Our Scody Caravan and the Pub Crawl

Well, we moved out of our luxury apartment accommodation on Saturday afternoon into, well, a horrible, small, stinky, scody caravan. It is horrible we have an ensuite but the shower doesn't look like it has been cleaned and the whole caravan has a weird smell!! We are going to get some jif to clean the shower as its so grose. I MISS OUR APARTMENT. We are supposed to have this for a week but we are looking for apartments ASAP and hopefully will move out before the week is over!!

We went on our pub crawl last night. It was pretty good. We started at 5 and were dancing by 8.30 felt pretty weird but had a good time. Australians are messy creatures there was rubbish all over the streets at 3am and that hire people to hose down the streets it kind of weird. The clubs are open to 5 in the morning but you have to be in a club before 3 so you can stay. They won't let you in after 3. We waited in a line (!!??) for a taxi where that had someone monitoring the line. Was kind of weird as we are not used to having to line up all the time. You had to take a digital number at the deli at the supermarket!! Had a really good night and are really tired today!

Anyways need to find some accommodation.

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Love Toni

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