Thursday, 15 September 2005


This is me and some Kangaroos at dreamworld.

It has been a few days since I have written in here, have been pretty busy with job and house hunting. I shall start from where I left off on Sunday.

We are still living in the horrible caravan. It has become quite homely and our junk is everywhere. We cleaned the shower with jif and a scrubbing brush and now I don't feel that I have to wear shoes and avoid the sides at all costs. As we were lying in our beds on Sunday night we got woken up by the sound of THUNDER yes THUNDER and then lighting. We were in a tin caravan and we have a massive electrical, rain and thunder storm after about five minutes listening to it. A bit crash of thunder hit, I yelled I was scared Debra was to so we jumped on the big bed (in our sleeping bags!!!) and hid and laid there until it had gone. It was very scary we thought we going to be hit by lighting and electrocuted!!

By Monday morning it was over. We got our rental car on Monday. We got it from the airport which is a bit of a pain thought. An hour and a bit over there on the bus. But the car was fantastic and worth it. Very flash, air condition and a button on the key for the locks. It had the handbrake on the floor though which is a bit weird. So on Monday we just went on some interviews and stuff.

On Tuesday morning we woke up early to go on our road trip to the Sunshine Coast to go and see ..... STEVE IRWIN THE CROCODILE HUNTER as Australia Zoo. The zoo was great and Steve was even there and did the crocodile show. We had a good day. Have some photos but this computer doesn't have xp so cant download them yet.

Yesterday we still had the rental car and drove around looking for apartments. We finally found one. It is a fully furnished duplex kind of thing. By fully furnished to mean everything. It looks like Grandma's house. It like Grandma has just moved into a nursing home and they are renting it out as it. We have applied for it and hopefully we will find out today whether we get it. It is in a great location and right across the road from a cheesecake shop.

We had to take our car back today which is sad and are back to pounding the pavement. We told everyone that Australia will make us skinny. It has made us skinny as such, but we definely are losing a few dress sizes since we have been here from all our walking!!!

The gold coast is mad with road works at the moment. IN October they host the Indy 5000?? Or something. So everyone is putting up stadiums for people to sit it. Should be quite fun but quite busy I can imagine. The weather has been relatively good here (besides from the storm). We have been going out in skirts and singlets most days. We had another Magpie incident. You will have to see Debra's site for that story. I wasn't there but sounded pretty scary.
I will put some more pictures (hopefully) in my gallery.
Love Toni

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