Monday, 19 September 2005

Settling into Aussie Life

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to go and use up our remaining days of our 3 park superpass so we went to Movieworld and saw Shrek in 4d. It was fantastic. It wasn't the full Shrek movie just a 30 minute extra segment they made up. 4d is great, it likes you can touch the screen the pictures are so vivid, they also had moving seats and water so you felt like you were right there. We then ventured over to Wet 'n' Wild. Wet 'n' wild is about a 10 minute walk from Movieworld, and if you can recall, we had to pass the scene of the original Magpie Attack!!!!!! This time we decided to walk as close to the road as possible, not walk under any trees, we weren't going to take any chances as we were walking at a reasonably fast pace, chatting away, right near the roadside, we saw this magpie and it started swooping towards us. We started running for our lives and it just kept following us, I was running but couldn't run very fast cause I was trying not to laugh, or fall over and had a bag on top of my head trying to keep an eye on the magpie as well. I have NEVER been so scared of a bird (and for my life) ever, if I hadn't of been laughing I think I would have burst into tears. Its terrifying!!!!!!! After about 2 minutes (which seemed like forever) it stopped following us and we managed to make it to Wet 'n' Wild safely. Although every bird we saw, we started flinching.

We watched Herbie Fully Loaded at Wet 'n' Wild. I recommend it, its really funny.

On Sunday we decided to get some shopping and new stuff for our house. We walked into Australia Fair, which is just down the road, and went to Wolleys (Woolworths for the non Aussie people out there). We had just walked out of the supermaket with our shopping trolley (its weird in Australia there are shopping trolleys everywhere, people just take them home and its OK, but there are so hard to control never go in a straight line). Anyway, we were walking to the bus stop but the bus was already there so we started running with our out of control trolley but decided we wouldn't make it to that stop so tried for the next stop, so here we are running down the street, in inappropriate shoes, dodging road works on the footpath, Debra pushing the trolley we trying to keep it in a straight line trying to make it to the next bus stop before the bus. You will be pleased to here that we did manage to get to the bus stop pack our 8 bags of groceries onto our arms with the loo paper under Debra's arm and make it onto the bus in time and get off about two stops down the road.

Today, Debra started her new job in Brisbane she had to get up around 5.30 in order to catch the bus to the train station and then catch a train into Brisbane. I however, are still looking for a job and should be applying on seek this very moment. So will say goodbye.

I have also updated my photo gallery and put some photos with previous posts. Check it out.



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Man, I'm sure most of these comments are just automated. Not this one though. Aussie Magpies. Eeek. And they're noisy in the morn.
Hope ya remembered to vote.

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