Monday, 3 October 2005

New Home Phone Number

As per usual nothing really exciting has been happening around here. We have had a few more bug encounters. Two actually. Two COCKROACHES. I am much more frightened of cockroaches than I am of cockroaches. We had one in the bathroom on Saturday night which I think we got as it went under the washing machine and then we saw one in the doorway to the bathroom so we are hoping it was the same one and we sprayed it lots and then put it into a jar. Thank god we brought that fly spray at the supermarket. Not sure what we would have done otherwise. And last night I was in the toilet and saw another one skulking around. So I quickly got the fly spray but before I got back it had gone into a crack in the wall, so I sprayed the crack. Hopefully it won't come out of their again. So last night I went to bed thinking that we have seen two in the last two days. What if there are more? What if they are in my room? What if they crawl into my ears? (I have heard they do that). Fortunately for us though, they were only normal relatively small sized ones.

We went to the "Wollys" last night for our weekly shopping trip and decided to stock up on some things that were lacking at home. So we got a cake tin and some steak knives and proceeded to the checkout where, would you believe, we go IDed for the knives. I couldn't believe it. I just started laughing at the boy who would have been all of 15 maybe and he just stared at us. Do we look under 18 anyway Debra produced her 18+ card, as NZ drivers licences are worth less than chewed bubble gum on the pavement here. We ended up getting a taxi home with the groceries as it was dark and we brought a bit.

Job hunting is going better this week. Went for another interview at a recruitment agency today. As always, hopefully something comes from that. I also got a call from another agency saying they are putting my name forward for an actual job so that is cool and a call today from someone who I applied for an actual job out of the paper. He is going to give me a call on Wednesday to set up an interview. Hopefully this week!!!!

We have got a home phone number.
The number is:

07 5564 0693, plus 0061 (I think). Just bear in mind that we are now three hours behind.

Anyway should go. Ready Steady Cook starts at 1.30.


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