Tuesday, 11 October 2005


Sorry, haven't written in a few days have been a bit busy and wanted to put some pictures on.

On Thursday night after we got home from late night shopping I was watching tv and then wanted a drink so I wondered into the kitchen (Debra had gone to bed) and looked on the bench and saw a cockroach!!! I am getting quite controlled at handling these kind of situations so I ran for the flyspray and sprayed the intruder and put it in a jar and turned the kitchen light off and sat back down to watch tv, feeling a little on edge and scanning the room to see if any of it's mates were around. I looked up at the kitchen curtain and saw this dark object, I started freaking out, surely not another one, on the same night in the kitchen. So I turned the kitchen light on (its has those long light bulbs and takes ages to turn on) and there it was the biggest ever cockroach I had ever seen, I composed myself and fought back tears and sprayed the giant thing. It feel into the sink and put this little blitter into another jar. It was twice as big as the last one. How is one supposed to sleep at night with cockroaches as big as your little finger running around. I am at my tolerance level of these disgusting bugs, any more and I might go crazy. So me and Debra have taken matters into our own hands and have brought an extermination kit. This should kill the infestations we have of these critters!!!!!!!

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