Sunday, 16 October 2005


For the last week I have been temping. For Monday and Tuesday I temped as a receptionist in a company called Avesco. There organise the V8 supercar meets around the place. That was ok but I don't know nothing about cars and it was the weekend after Bathurst and someone didn't wear a balaclava and people were quite mad!
The second half of the week I worked in a small legal office. The office consisted of 5 females and one very up-himself principal lawyer. He was a prat. He got his receptionist to:
- Make him a cup of tea everytime he bellowed
- Fill up his stapler in the morning
- Untangle his phone cord
- Turn over his calendar
- Get his lunch
- and on Thursdays get his lotto ticket!!
He kept teasing me about my ascent and stuff. I was glad to get out of there on Friday. It was a bit different from NZ offices. They only charge 10% GST and other stuff that is different.

Until Christmas I have temping in Surfers in a construction company. Not sure what it will be like but it guaranteed work and a good hourly rate. Haven't heard back from that firm I had an interview from. What dick heads. Why did they interview people if they didn't really want someone and why haven't they called back and said anything.

Well, I have seen more cockroaches that I have probably seen in my whole life. I think I was up to cockroach number 6 in the house and then I saw one in the plaza the other day ewwwww. SO yesterday we took matters into our own hands and sprayed the house. We arrived a couple of hours later to see a couple of small cockroaches on the ground dead and then, we had left the door open, a flying cockroach came in. Yes a cockroach with wings. How could my life get much worse, but with a cockroach with wings. I hid in the bathroom while Debra braved the situation and tried to get it outside. It flew outside and was dying on the ground. It inhaled to much of our bug spray!! Serves it right.
We went to the movies yesterday while the bug spray was spraying and saw In her shoes. We went to the theatre in Harbour Town and it was really cool. It was a massively big cinemar and the seats were so comfortable you could lift the arm rest and lie down, and thats exactly what we were doing. It was really cool and comfortable. The movie was good also, a laugh out loud kind of movie.

I don't think I really have anything left to write about.

So bye and please send me some emails about what you are doing.



Anonymous said...

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Ross said...

Hmm.. Aussies are prats and Cockroaches are icky.
This is indeed a unique discovery.

At least the spray is killing them.

The bugs I mean. Not the Aussies.