Sunday, 30 October 2005

Detox Day One

Me and Debra decided that we needed to cleanse out our systems so we decided to go on a ten day detox diet. So we went down to the health food store and brought the blackmores ten day detox kit. We then went home and put all the "naughty food" away (which left the cupboards practically bare) the naughty food in on the last three shelves and the food we are allowed to eat is on the second shelf, basically it was two pots of fruit and potatoes!~ and set about writing out a shopping list of things we needed to get at the supermarket. We then proceeded to go to the supermarket but ran into a small problem, the supermarkets in Queensland close at 6.00 on a Saturday, ITS THE LAW!!!!!! so we didn't end up going shopping. I can tell you that's just another thing to add to the list of things that we are disliking about Australia. Other things on the list include :
- Bats, Magpies, the heat, cockroaches, stupid clickie things on the petrol pumps don't work because of stupid Australians pulling them away before the petrol has stopped, supermarkets closing early on the weekend.

Nothing unrelated to detox but me and Debra went to pac fair yesterday for a spot of shopping and got thoroughly excited when on the shelf a gaming shop was "Singstar 80's" we quickly snaveled that up and proceeded to the counter in so much excitement that we could hardly contain our selves and talking about how much fun we were going to have tonight singing, Eye of the Tiger and other exciting 80's songs only to have our hopes crushed when we got to the counter buy the teller who said that it had not come out yet (which we knew ,but thought that we might have been wrong) and they had put it in the wrong section!!! But idiots, how could they do that to someone. We promptly left the store, I didn't feel it was appropriate to throw a tantrum there and then. Anyway it comes out around November 11 and we will have to wait to then. We might have some friends to invite before then because Debra is sick of me betting her and its just not that fun we its only two of you!

So today we started the diet, after waking up at around 9.00 this morning (after having a few drinks last night). The last thing I felt like drinking was a SOY MILK BANANA SMOOTHIE, quite frankly I felt like a big fat piece of steak!!!!!! But before I could enjoy my smoothie I had to have the bitters. You are supposed to take then 15 minutes before breakfast to prepare your stomach for breakfast. Well... I have never had anything that tasted more like arse in my life. It was disgusting the gagging reflex was there and the only thing to disguise the taste was to suck on a lemon. Ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After recovering from the taste, Debra wipped up the smoothie and it didn't taste that bad, but soy milk it no cows milk!!!!!!

We are now on the way to the supermarket to get our groceries. Some of the things on the list include vegetable juice, wheat free bread, and lots of fruit and vegies.



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