Tuesday, 4 October 2005


This morning I got woken up at 3.30 by some strange noises. These noises were coming from the wall beside my bed and sounded like scratching noises. I quickly turned my lamp on, got my glasses and jumped over to the main light and turned it on. I was thinking cockroaches or something worse than than. I then ran into the bathroom, where we are now keeping the fly spray, and grabbed it. So I was armed and being brave I got my torch and looked under my bed to see if I could see anything nothing, I looked all around the corners or my room and could see nothing, I then pulled out my bed to nothing. But I could still hear the scratching... It was coming from inside the wall!!!!! What was I going to do, what if I ate a hole through the wall. After about 10 minutes it stopped, so I relutantly jumped back into bed and tried to go back to sleep trying not to think about what the noise was.
I eventually got back to sleep. At about 9.45 I got shocked out of my sleep by my phone blaring at its loudest ring "Jump" after realising what the noise was I dived for my phone to be greeted by someone who was ringing to see if I could come in for an INTERVIEW, trying to sound awake I said that would be good and am going for an interview at 2pm on Thursday. Its working in the Personal Injury Department, I have no idea what that would be like, so fingers crossed.

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