Tuesday, 25 October 2005


We have had a few requests to update everyone on what is going on in Home and Away and since Debra types as fast as a snail, I am allocated to the job. I will tell what I can remember.
Amanda, Scott, Hayley and Kim
Well, can't remember what I have said but.
Kim and Hayleys wedding is off. Hayley still loves Scott. Amanda and Scott broke us because Scott loves hayley. Amanda was mad so she pretended to be pregnant to Scott, then Amanda had a miscarriage. Then last night Josh (new evil character) told Scott that Amanda was faking that she ever had a baby and Scott was real mad and now everyone in summer bay hates Amanda. Kim is mad with hayley and so is Amanda so hayley decides to go away for a couple of days and last night went into contractions in a caravan in the wops were no one knows where she is. She might die, as she is having the baby this week ..... Kim still doesn't know the truth about the baby. Josh is the new mayor and Amanda owes him lots of money from LA, they are now planning to do something evil together.
Flynn is dying and has decided to not go on with the chemo because it is makin him to sick so he has gone back to work and is living life as normal.
Rick and cassie are back together and very upset that flynn is dying. They had their HSC last week and rick brought a copy of a maths exam from another student. He lied and said he didn't but we saw it. We are yet to find out whether he may get in trouble for it.
Beths dad has come back for some reason. But nothing really exciting has happended for the other hunters.
Jack, Martha and Cory and Irene
Cory (is a new character) and Jack are police partners. Martha and Jack broke up and Martha started going out with Cory. Irene started going crazy after Cory came to the bay. Cory moved in with Irene and Cory has been poisoning Irene and she went crazy and had to be sent to a crazy house. Cory decided to leave town (no one knew about the poisioning) and martha went with him. Then Jack discovered that IRene was on the jury that put Cory's father in jail and that is why he is poisoning her so Jack went and saved Martha as Cory was being scary and stuff.
Leah and Dan.... nothing really there. I think LEah is to busy with Dancing with the Stars to have much scenes.
I can't really think of anything else at the moment. Ask me some questions if you want.
This week and next week..... for the tv mag
Will hayley survive ......
Will Kim die ....
Martha shoots Ric .....

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